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Welcome! I am SO glad you found my site! My name is Mary Lynne! I am a hiking, fossil hunting, God loving, coffee drinking, hot fries eatin’ middle school math… Continue Reading →

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Where You Are It’s a new school year and YOU are a 7th grader! ¬†You also have a new teacher, new clothes, new shoes, new pencils, and a new textbook…. Continue Reading →

Surface Area

What is surface area?  Describe and show examples.

Runners on the track team at Sully Middle School have an average time of 7.2 seconds for the 50-meter dash, while runners on the track team at Mikey Middle School… Continue Reading →

The mean grade in Mr. Smith’s math classes is 86.5, and the mean grade in Mrs. Shell’s math classes is 90.2. Based on this information, it can be inferred that… Continue Reading →

The mean height of girls in Ms. Penny’s kindergarten class is 3.5 ft. The mean height of boys in the same class is 3.4 ft. Based on this information, what… Continue Reading →

What Do We Know About the Election?

Mark wanted to know the preference of the people in his neighborhood regarding to the candidates running for election. He conducted a survey of two randomly selected samples of people… Continue Reading →

Random Sampling of Fish

A random sample of 10 fish is taken from a lake, and each fish’s color is recorded in the table below. Which statement is true regarding the total number of… Continue Reading →

Girls and Boys in the School Parade

A random sample of 60 students is chosen from a school parade, and the number of boys and girls is recorded. There were 25 boys in the sample and 300… Continue Reading →

How Many Wooden Toys?

A toy store sells wooden and plastic toys. Two samples are taken from the inventory, and the number of each type of toy is recorded in the table below. If… Continue Reading →

How Many Defective Products?

In a factory, two samples of finished products are studied for defects. The results are recorded in the table below. If there are 1,000 products manufactured at the factory, what… Continue Reading →

Average Age of Piano Students

The ages of 10 randomly selected students in a piano class are recorded below. 12, 14, 16, 15, 14, 18, 11, 12, 14, 15 What is a good estimate of… Continue Reading →

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