Dollar Tree Picture Frame Facelifts

Super short post!  I had several old picture frames I had purchased from Dollar Tree a few years back (20 or so).  They were not in great shape and, to my knowledge, never have been in grade shape!  I took a red can of spray paint, a can of white spray paint, and the most fabulous product EVER Minwax Helmsman.  I coated all of the picture frames with red spray paint.  Then I added a coat of white spray paint and distressed the frames.  Finally, I put three coats of Helmsman on the frames.  They looked MUCH better!  What a great quick fix for Dollar Tree Picture Frames :)

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Dollar Tree Picture Frame Facelifts

DIY Distressed Shelves

We have donated and sold all the furniture from our guest bedroom.  I showed my husband the headboard I wanted to make…  It was from a beautiful antique mantel I found at Antiques at the Loop.  He hated it!  Aaaarrrrgggg!  I explained that I wanted to be able to hang the antique mirror on the wall but make it look like it was sitting on the mantel…  He still hated the idea so I had to come up with a new plan.

I still wanted the mirror in the guest bedroom and I still wanted it to look like it was sitting on a shelf.  I went to Lowe’s and bought a Kiln-Dried Poplar Board 1″x3″x96″ (2), Kiln-Dried Poplar Board 1″x6″x96″, and a Kiln-Dried Poplar Board 1″x2″x96″.  Then I picked up some spray paint – red, ivory, and yellow.  (I made two different sized shelves.)

When I got home, I cut each board to a length of 4′ and sanded each of them.  The wood grain in Poplar is beautiful!  Next, I painted the edges and corners yellow.  When the yellow was dry, I painted the entire board with red.  I let the red dry overnight.  The next morning I painted the entire board ivory.  I put two coats of ivory on but I did not let the paint dry all the way before I started sanding.  I used a sanding sponge and a medium and course piece of steel wool.  I distressed the entire board.  When I was finished I let the paint dry for about two hours.

I decided to put the shelves together before coating them with Minwax Helmsman Indoor/Outdoor Spar Urethane.  I predrilled 3 holes with a Dewalt Countersink Drill Bit in the back of the 1″x3″x48″ and the 1″x6″x48″.  Then I used wood screws to attach the top of the shelf to the back side of the shelf (like a splash board).  Finally, I put three coats of the Minwax Helmsman Indoor/Outdoor Spar Urethane on each of the shelves.  The Minwax really brought out all of the colors!

20140622_17130720140622_171250 20140622_171505 20140622_171454 20140622_171445 20140622_171432 20140622_171416 20140622_171403 20140622_171353 20140622_171331 20140622_171321




Quick and Easy Lamp Shade

My husband loves this hideous metal floor lamp we found several years ago… It just wasn’t working for me!  I did not want to spend any money on this lamp! In fact, I really wanted to throw it away or donate it so what can I do to spruce it up a bit. As I stand on the deck watching the birds and looking at the pool, it dawns on me! I’ll use an old hanging pot I have!  This really was a quick and easy lamp shade!

20140605_184527 20140605_184444

I painted it with the Rust-Oleum paint.

20140605_184535 20140605_184601 20140605_184550 20140605_184544

Then I decorated it with a little ribbon and some beads.

20140605_184723 20140605_18474720140606_072737 20140606_072725 20140606_072719 20140606_072757

Here it is in the guest bedroom…  I can live with this!

20140622_155357 20140622_155415 20140622_155447



Memory Lampshade Fail, Redesign, and Success!

I love all the old slides my husband has collected over the years but they were just sitting there in the closet.  :(  I saw a Wedding Upcycled Anniversary Photo Slide Lamp on Etsy.  I thought, “WOW, what a great way to show off old slides!” so I set out on a quest to create the lampshade with my slides.  First, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a 1.5mm hole punch and 6mm Black Nickel Round Jump Rings.  I quickly realized that I did NOT have the patience to punch holes in 80 slides and add the jump rings!  This was NOT going to work for me.  I returned the unopened packages and started hunting for wood strips.  I found the Balsa Wood Strips and decided that I could make the top and bottom of the frame from these strips…  Then I headed to Lowe’s for a 2 x 4.

20140528_170044 20140528_170105 20140528_170050

I soaked the Balsa wood in the sink for about an hour.  This makes the wood bendable.


Once the wood had soaked, I bend them until I had a top support and bottom support for the lampshade.

20140531_104934 20140531_105000 20140531_104952 20140531_104939

Now it was time to cut the side strips…  I had my husband cut a 2 x 4 into 1/8″ strips.

20140531_175806 20140531_175810

The side strips where 20″ tall.  I connected the side strips to the top and bottom support.

20140531_182833 20140531_182842

The slides will go in between the slats.  Next, I stained the slats before putting the slides into the shade.

20140531_182859 20140601_083124 20140601_083107

When the slats were dry (over night), I started putting the slides in place…

20140601_095216 20140601_095237

Et ici nous sommes!  The lamp shade looked GREAT and was very interesting BUT I did not take into account that you had to reach under the shade to turn the lamp on and off…  The shade sat too low on the lamp.  When I tried to make adjustments, I started having the slides fall out of the shade and it just wasn’t working the way I wanted it too…  So, I started over.  Here is the 1st design.

20140601_175600 20140601_175610 20140601_175649

The second design I made with ribbon, Velcro, craft mirrors, needle and thread, and hot glue.  Oh, I did put some beads on the shade too.Try2c

Ok, I didn’t take pictures of each step so I will explain how I made this…  I found an old lamp shade in the attic.  I used the bottom metal ring from that lamp shade for the top of this one…  I took the Velcro and put the “fuzzy” side on the front edge of the slide and the back “prickly” part on the ribbon.  I repeated this until the the slides went all the way around the metal ring.


I folded the top part of the ribbon over the metal ring.

Try2m Try2n

Then I attached two wooden slats so to the top of the ring with copper wire.  I used some glass beads I had to decorate the wire.  I also put some hot glue on the wire so it would stay in place.  Once you have the wooden slats attached to the wire ring, you will need to drill a hole in the slats so it will fit on the lamp’s harp.  The hole should be big enough for the end of the harp to fit through it and the slats must be thin enough so that you can screw the finial on the lamp.

Try2o Try2q Try2p

Finally, I added little circular mirrors to the top of the ribbon just under the metal ring.  This served two purposes – one decoration and two to make sure the ribbon would stay wrapped around the metal ring.  Then I added some ribbon to the bottom of the lamp shade.  I used a needle and thread to “scrunch” the ribbon up…  It kind of looks like the Mad Hatter’s Hat!


I really liked how the wood in the 1st design blocked out some of the light from the light bulb, but the second design was much easier to make…  Here is the finished product!  (And, some close ups)

Try2a Try2j Try2i Try2h Try2g Try2f Try2e Try2d  Try2b Try2c




Filing Cabinet… Pass or Fail???

In my redecorating/refinishing frenzy, I decided to paint the black filing cabinets we had in the office. I HATED the black filing cabinets and wanted wooden cabinets – I’ll paint them to look like wood! Well, I’m just not sure how I feel about the outcome… Filing Cabinet… Pass or Fail???

First, I painted them light green to make some wood grain.

20140526_120739 20140526_120746


Then I painted them an off white and added a little more green…

20140526_151439 20140526_151503 20140526_151453 20140526_151446


Next, I mixed glade and a dark cherry stain and painted the cabinets…

20140526_180810 20140526_180803 20140526_180749 20140526_180740 20140526_180732 20140526_180722


I’m not sure how I feel about these cabinets… Some of my friends say they really like them but my students told me they look like moldy cabinets (ha!). But, pass or fail, they are staying this way for a while!

20140622_123248 20140622_123238