Helping Students Make the Grade… Is this Common Core?

This is going to be a very short post…  I found the panic this student was feeling quite funny and the solution hilarious!

Last week, the social studies teacher had the students create a T-shirt for one of the Greek gods they were learning about…  Well, as we all know, most of the Greek gods are naked.  The teacher instructed the students to find pictures that did not contain nudity.  One of the girls obviously was not paying attention!

I’m teaching my math class and the door flies open and “Sherill” comes running into the room.  ”Mrs. Williams!  I’m going to fail!”  I asked why she thought she was going to fail and she replied by saying, “My goddess is naked!  Everyone said I would get a zero!”.  In unison my class uttered, “Yeah, she will”.

Here is her picture:

Aphrodite Original 20140410_122635a

Not a lot of nudity but still…   Here is our fix!

The orange triangle in the middle is her belly button ring hahaha! :)

Not bad, especially since it was the day before spring break and everyone is getting ready to head to the beach!  Oh, and she got an ‘A’!!!!




Better Blogging – Post Signature

BetterBloggingI want to share a site I found that creates a signature for your blog.  I was told, many years ago, that to create a signature you need to sign your name on a sheet of paper with a felt pen, scan the image and then edit.  Wow!  That’s a lot of work for one signature and, knowing me, after I did all of that I wouldn’t like the signature!  Another person told me that I could create my signature, take a digital photo and edit the photo…  better, but I’m really lazy!

While searching for a better way to create a signature, I came across a site called “My Live Signature“.  There are a lot of ads on this site so beware!  However, if you use their online wizard you can create a nice signature without a lot of hassle.

  1. Click here to go to the “My Live Signature” website.
  2. Click on Using the signature creation wizard.
  3. Enter your name and click Next Step.
  4. There are a lot of fonts on this site.  You can scroll down the page to see the first 10 fonts.  If you don’t find a font you like, click on a font button at the top.  The button will show you the next 10 fonts that are available.  (There are 120 fonts in all!!!)
  5. Once you have chosen your font, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Next Step.
  6. Select the font size for your signature and click Next Step at the bottom of the page.56
  7. Select the background color of your signature and the text color of your signature.  Then click Next Step.
  8. Set the slope (slant) of your signature.
  9. Download your signature to your computer.

Aaaaaaah, Spring!

I love spring!  This past weekend was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!  Sunday, I slept in – 6am a- well, it’s two hours later than usual.  Then I sat on the back deck sipping coffee and watching the birds.  We had several new visitors and a few old friends who returned. I was watching the GIANT red headed woodpecker thinking about the old Heckle and Jeckle coloring book I had at my grandmothers – I bthought those crows were funny!  When all of a sudden, I was buzzed and, a few seconds later, I was buzzed again.  One of our hummingbirds had returned and was DEMANDING that I put out the feeders – no problem’O!  I was excited to have him back!

While hanging the hummingbird feeder, I noticed the House Wren was back.  She was busy building a nest in our deck fan!  This is an accident waiting to happen!  So, I removed her house. :(


When I removed her house this time, I put some pieces of wood around the base of the fan so she wouldn’t try to rebuild.


I really like this House Wren and I would love for her to nest in our backyard so I decided to fix her a house.

old house no one wanted…

12 14 13
a little paint… a few flowers…

15 18 17 16

a little clear coat…

and the flowers on the front glow in the dark!  Front porch lights! :)

Next, I cut the yard and took a nap in the hammock.  It was so nice listening to the birds.  I woke up to my husband running the table saw… Nap over!  I decided to weed the flowerbed and LOOK what I found!

1 26 5 4 3

I’ve had a BIG morning and I’m hungry…  I go inside to fix something to eat and see that my mom has called and she is on her way over.  Guess what she’s bringing me!  More flowers :)  She is bringing Buttercups from Aunt Miller’s house and Purple Irises from her house.  I love getting flowers and plants from my family especially the family members who taught me how to care for plants in the first place.  We planted the flowers in the front flowerbeds.

24 23


Other than basketball, the last thing we looked at today was the baby blue birds!!  We have at least 3 sets of babies during the summer months – they are SO cute.

21 22

I love the spring!!!  Everything is coming to life.  The flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and there are always things to do…  I hope you take the time to enjoy God’s creations with someone you love!

20140413_112219 20140413_112224 20140413_112458 20140413_112505 20140413_112513 20140413_112524 20140413_144525 20140413_144553 20140413_144837 20140413_144850 20140413_144855 20140413_144903 20140413_144441 20140413_144452 20140413_144455 20140409_152259 20140409_152311 20140409_152315

The babies are all grown up and ready to leave the nest.  In fact, they left shortly after we took this picture!

Common Core Poll

online poll by Opinion Stage

Off the Wall Things I Like to Know…

I really like reading off the wall tidbits and little known facts.  I found a really cool site that has bizarre holidays for each month of the year.  I started posting one of the bizarre monthly holidays and one of the crazy daily bizarre holidays at the beginning of the school year.  This was more for my amusement than anything educational – although I would really like to create some math activities around these “bizarre holidays”.  One day, I got to school late and I didn’t have time to put the daily bizarre holiday on the board.  Everyone of my students asked me about it!  It seems that they really liked seeing those on the board and thought many of them were funny.

Here is a link to the Bizarre Holiday website.

There is a lot of other information on the site as well. Like, major holidays, around the world, birthdays, anniversaries, and this day in history.  I enjoy reading all of these!

Better Blogging – Grab My Button Code Generator

BetterBloggingWhen I started blogging, I read a lot of tutorials.  I looked at my favorite blogs.  I noticed that quite a few of my favorite blogs had a “Grab My Button” in their sidebar.  I have been writing html, javascript, java and C+ for a few years so it wasn’t hard for me to conquer this task; however, many of my teacher friends did not know how to create or code their buttons.

While helping the teachers, I found a super simple site that creates the code you need for your button!  The site is called Grab My Button and here is a link to the site.  If you haven’t yet created your button, be sure to see my blog – Better Blogging – Create a Blog Button.

Happy Blogging!