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Linear Equation

A linear equation is…


Jennifer found an answer sheet for algebra problems.  One problem’s solution was: What problem might have this as a solution?  Is your answer unique?  Why or why not?

Equations & Inequalities

Solving an equation is like (unlike) solving an inequality because…

Solving Equations

To solve an equation means…

When I solve computation problems, I use the property of _________________ most often because…

Expression vs Equations

An expression and an equation are alike or different because…

When I add two integers, I can tell the sign of the sum will be negative if… Support your response with examples.

Adding & Subtracting Integers

Adding or subtracting integers is (or is not) like adding or subtracting whole numbers because…

Functions vs Relations

A function is the same as (or different from) a relation because…

Graphing Functions

Carrie asked the teacher, :I have a function that takes a number and increases it by 2.  When I graph it, I get a line that goes up from left to right.  Does every function have a graph that goes… Continue Reading →

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