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Where You Are It’s a new school year and YOU are a 7th grader!  You also have a new teacher, new clothes, new shoes, new pencils, and a new textbook…. More →


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Your Interactive Student Notebook (ISN) is your math lifeline!  It is important that you keep up with your ISN so that you will have something to study.  (You will probably… More →

Classroom Theme

Team Logo

The coach is deciding on what logo to use on the team’s baseball hats. He has 10 choices, 7 of which are bears and 3 of which are fish. Which of… More →

Friday Special

Margarite has to choose what the Friday special will be at the restaurant where she works. Her boss told her to choose one of the six soups they make. Three soups contain… More →

Carmelo is in charge of picking 2 captains in his gym class of 30 students. Which of the following scenarios makes it more likely that 1 girl and 1 boy will… More →

Family Movie Night

Torey’s family is going to the movies on Friday. The theater they are going to has 12 movie choices. His family has agreed to randomly choose a movie from 6 movies rated… More →

Sports Video Game

There are 14 video games that Brycen and Mason have to choose from.  There are 7 sports games, 3 character games, and 4 family games.  If they randomly choose the… More →

Probability with Marbles

There are 6 green marbles, 8 red marbles, 7 blue marbles, and 1 black marble in a bag. The teacher will make any student that chooses a green marble a leader…. More →

Alaskan Calendar

Aiden is using an old calendar with pictures from Alaska for his report. He is going to randomly select one of the months’ pictures. If 10 of the 12 pictures includes… More →

Red and Green Apples

Marcus put the 3 red apples and 3 green apples he just bought in the same bag and then selects an apple from the bag without looking. The probability of picking… More →

Pep Rally

Mr. Lopez has 15 girls and 8 boys in his homeroom. He randomly chooses a student to participate in the pep rally. Which statement describes the probability of the gender… More →

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