Unit 2 Lesson 12 – Problem Solving with Proportional Relationships

Unit 2 Lesson 13 – Proportional Relationships

Unit 3 Lesson 14

  • What will you learn:
    • Add and subtract linear expressions
    • Combine like terms
    • Determine if two expressions are equivalent
    • Write equivalent expressions
  • Vocabulary
    • coefficient – a number that is a factor of a variable term
    • constant – a term that is a number only with no variable factors
    • evaluate – to find the value of an expression
    • factor – a number, variable, or expression that is part of a multiplication expression
    • term – a number, a variable or the product of a number and a variable
    • variable – a letter that stands for an unknown number
  • Games
  • Practice Quiz

Unit 3 Lesson 15

  • What you will learn:
    • Rewrite expressions in different forms
    • Use expression to find perimeter and area of triangles and rectangles
  • Vocabulary
    • equivalent expressions – expressions that have that same value for every possible value of the variable
    • adjacent – next to each other
    • dimension – a length in one direction. A figure may have one, two, or three dimensions
  • Practice Quiz

Unit 2 Vocabulary Test