ISN Rational or Nah? Pages 38-45

This section of the ISN deals with rational and irrational numbers.  The pages for this section are 38-45.      Download Terminating and Recurring Decimals Terminating and recurring decimals are rational.  Students sometimes get non-terminating and recurring decimals confused!  … Continue Reading →

ISN Integer Pages 7-37

The first mathematical unit we will cover are integers.  Integers will cover pages 7-37 in the students’ ISN.  You can view the information and download missing files.   Download      Download      Download      Download    … Continue Reading →

ISN About this Class

In the last post, ISN Setup, we created our ISN.  The next pages we will enter will give the students information about the class. Page 1:  3-2-1 (About this Class) Page 2: ISN Scoring Rubric Download Page 3:  Habits of Success Quiz… Continue Reading →

ISN Setup 2017-2018

The ISN will be your 7th grade math life line!  You will keep all your important information for math in this composition notebook.  In this post, I will tell you how to setup your ISN. Cover Your cover should be… Continue Reading →

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