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Favorite Sport

Jevon wants to survey people in his town about their favorite sport. He is going to ask every tenth person who attends the high school football game on Friday. Which… More →

Favorite Video Game

Ava is going to survey the students in her middle school to find out what their favorite video game is. She is going to choose every third student listed on… More →

Best Selection for a Random Sample

To provide the best selection for a random sample in a survey, choose __________. A. every third name in the student yearbook B. every student at the first four lunch… More →

Simple Random Sampling

Which situation is the best example of a simple random sample? A. asking the first 20 people who walk into a gymnasium B. surveying every fourth person off of bus… More →

Student Athletes

Jason surveyed the student athletes at his school as they left the locker rooms for practice. When selecting from a list of questions, he determined that he could survey the… More →

Teacher Survey

After surveying a sample of high school teachers, Enrique concluded that adults like to eat dinner at The Bistro more than other restaurants in town. Terry disagreed with Enrique’s conclusion,… More →

Neighborhood Survey

Which of the following conclusions can be made by surveying a sample group of people in the same neighborhood? A. The committee planning a party for the houses on one… More →

A Valid Sample

Sonya is thinking of conducting a survey with her seventh-grade classmates. She knows she will need to use a sample of students in her survey. Which of the following surveys… More →

Random Sample

A chemistry professor wants to conduct a study for a project. He decided to survey the first 20 students who walked into his chemistry class. A. Explain whether the professor… More →

Battery Survey

Ibrahim needs to conduct a survey about batteries for his science fair experiment. He has decided to ask 20 neighbors in his neighborhood. A. Describe one way that Ibrahim can… More →

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