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What Do We Know About the Election?

Mark wanted to know the preference of the people in his neighborhood regarding to the candidates running for election. He conducted a survey of two randomly selected samples of people… More →

Random Sampling of Fish

A random sample of 10 fish is taken from a lake, and each fish’s color is recorded in the table below. Which statement is true regarding the total number of… More →

Girls and Boys in the School Parade

A random sample of 60 students is chosen from a school parade, and the number of boys and girls is recorded. There were 25 boys in the sample and 300… More →

How Many Wooden Toys?

A toy store sells wooden and plastic toys. Two samples are taken from the inventory, and the number of each type of toy is recorded in the table below. If… More →

How Many Defective Products?

In a factory, two samples of finished products are studied for defects. The results are recorded in the table below. If there are 1,000 products manufactured at the factory, what… More →

Average Age of Piano Students

The ages of 10 randomly selected students in a piano class are recorded below. 12, 14, 16, 15, 14, 18, 11, 12, 14, 15 What is a good estimate of… More →

Favorite Sports Survey

A sample of 20 members in a sports club is selected, and their favorite sport is recorded in the table below. What is a good estimate of the percentage of… More →

Favorite Fruit

A magazine published the survey results below regarding the most popular fruit among its readers. After reading the table, Anya stated that her favorite fruit, strawberries, is the favorite fruit… More →

The Daily Times or The Gazette

Two newspapers, The Daily Times and The Gazette, are conducting surveys. The Daily Times conducted a survey asking which band the community preferred to perform at the Friday Night Concerts… More →

Which Search Engine Do Students Prefer?

The technology teacher wanted to know which search engine his students preferred. He conducted a random survey of 40 students in two of his classes and recorded the results. Which… More →

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