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An Upcoming Marathon

In training for an upcoming marathon, Kylee and Mason decide to log the miles they run each day for a week. What will Mason have to do the next day… More →

Mr. Guyere’s Two Freshman Science Classes

Mr. Guyere’s two freshman science classes took a test on Chapter 7. The results are shown in the table below. What can be done to make the data overlap more… More →

Basketball Tournament

Over the weekend, the Tigers and the Rams played in a basketball tournament. The table below shows the scores for each team. Which statement is true? A. The scores are… More →

Weight of Units at Two Stores

What is the difference between the ranges for the data below? A.  60 pounds B.  120 pounds C.  220 pounds D.  280 pounds

Weekly Attendance at Club Fitness

What is the difference between the median values of the data? A.  6 people B.  3 people C.  1.8 people D.  1.5 people

Lunch Costs at Mac’s Place

What is the difference between the median prices for lunch? A.  $0.25 B.  $0.50 C.  $1.25 D.  $2.50

Number of Chemistry Students

What is the difference between the enrollment in the two college classes? A.  2 students B.  6 students C.  27 students D.  53 students

Average Time in the 50-Meter Dash

Runners on the track team at Sully Middle School have an average time of 7.2 seconds for the 50-meter dash, while runners on the track team at Mikey Middle School… More →

Mean Grade

The mean grade in Mr. Smith’s math classes is 86.5, and the mean grade in Mrs. Shell’s math classes is 90.2. Based on this information, it can be inferred that… More →

Mean Height

The mean height of girls in Ms. Penny’s kindergarten class is 3.5 ft. The mean height of boys in the same class is 3.4 ft. Based on this information, what… More →

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