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Comparing Snowfall

The amount of snowfall was recorded for five months over two years. The median is the best measure to describe the amount of snowfall. Which statement describes what would have… More →

Smiley’s T-Shirt Sale

Smiley’s T-Shirts recently had a weekend sale. The store listed the number of shirts it sold the weekend before the sale and the number of shirts it sold the weekend… More →

Top Runners

The top six runners on the track team listed their times for the last two 5K races they ran. The mean is the best measure to compare the race times… More →

Batting Averages

The top five batting averages for the first and second place baseball teams from the weekend tournament are shown in the table below. The mean of the data is the… More →

Comparing Basketball Player Heights

Which measure of central tendency would be best to compare the heights of the two basketball teams? A. range B. mode C. mean D. median

Comparing Vocabulary Test Scores

Mrs. Shafer played a new vocabulary review game in English class. She then gave the vocabulary test to her two English classes. The results are shown in the box-and-whisker plots… More →

Comparing the Sizes of Two Math Classes

Which measure is most appropriate to compare the two data sets below? A. Mode B. Median C. Range D. Mean

Money Spent at Two Stores

Which measure is most appropriate to compare the two sets of data below? A. mean B. range C. mode D. median

Starting Salaries

Professor Bloom listed the starting salaries of 10 students in each of her two classes that were hired before graduation. A. Select the best measure of central tendency to describe… More →

Studying with Music

Mr. Bell wants to see if students who study while listening to music do better on their tests than students who study with no music. He randomly chose 25 students… More →

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