The ISN will be your 7th grade math life line!  You will keep all your important information for math in this composition notebook.  In this post, I will tell you how to setup your ISN.


Your cover should be beautifully decorated!  You will also need to have your name and period on the front cover.  Here is a picture of my ISN cover.

Front Inside Cover

The front inside cover is a graphic organizer for the students to tell me a little about themselves.  First, they will fill in their name, nickname (if any), and date of birth.  Next, they will write the name they wish to be called in the center circle and write 8 things they like in the outside circles.  Here is an example of mine.  You can print the graphic organizer here.

Back Inside Cover

The inside back cover has a page for important numbers and passwords.  Students can record their school computer usernames and passwords, testing usernames and passwords, locker combinations, etc.  There is also a vertical number line on the inside back cover.  You can print the important numbers page here, and the vertical number line here.  Examples of my cover follows.


Last Page of ISN

The last page of the isn is a math puzzle for the students to solve.  The puzzle teaches the students how to get supplies, use scissors and glue, and how to clean up their area.  You can print the math puzzle page here.

Index Pages

The index pages need to be setup before we proceed to the actual content of the ISN.  The first 7 pages of the ISN will be titled Index.  Students will record their page numbers and page titles on the index pages.  Here are my first 7 pages.


This will complete your ISN setup.  Next, we will put information about this class in our ISN.  The post is titled ISN About this Class.