Your Interactive Student Notebook (ISN) is your math lifeline!  It is important that you keep up with your ISN so that you will have something to study.  (You will probably need 2 composition notes for the entire year.  One for the first half of the year and the other for the second half of the year.)

Here are some important things you should know about your ISN.

ISN Checks:  

You must have your ISN EVERY DAY.  ISNs will be checked periodically.

Lost ISNs:  

If you lose your ISN, replace it IMMEDIATELY.  Ask Ms. ML for copies of foldables, if needed.


You are responsible for getting notes from another student or from Ms. ML.

Respect the ISN:  

Think of your ISN as a representation of yourself that will be viewed by others.  Complete assignments carefully, checking for accuracy.

No Pages are Allowed to be Torn Out:  

Pages are not allowed to be torn out.  If you mess up, paste a blank sheet of paper over that page and re-do it.


Adding illustrations, decorative borders, or other creative input to illuminate written assignments is always welcome, as long as it does not obstruct the reading of the text.

The ISN:

  • Allows you to process info to improve your understanding.
  • Helps you learn new ideas by having you use several types of writing and graphics to record them.


  • Every pg has a title written on the first blue line
  • Every pg has a page # written on the outside top corner
  • Ideas and relationships are highlighted or written in color
  • Activities are included to help understanding
  • Foldables, sketches, and graphics are used to show

Why Are We Doing This:

  • Writing notes does not mean you have learned the information. You must actively do something with information before you really understand it.
  • It gives you permission to be playful and creative with your notes. When you are creative, you remember more.
  • We cut and fold because foldables are amazing graphic organizers. They help take big ideas and break them down into manageable parts.
  • We tape and glue so things don’t get lost. Your notes aren’t useful if you can’t find them.
  • We color because it’s a great way to help important information stand out and to process information. Coloring and highlighting notes helps you to recall and find information.