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ISN Rational or Nah? Pages 38-45

This section of the ISN deals with rational and irrational numbers.  The pages for this section are 38-45.      Download Terminating and Recurring Decimals Terminating and recurring decimals are rational.  Students sometimes get non-terminating and recurring decimals confused!  … Continue Reading →

ISN Integer Pages 7-37

The first mathematical unit we will cover are integers.  Integers will cover pages 7-37 in the students’ ISN.  You can view the information and download missing files.   Download      Download      Download      Download    … Continue Reading →

ISN About this Class

In the last post, ISN Setup, we created our ISN.  The next pages we will enter will give the students information about the class. Page 1:  3-2-1 (About this Class) Page 2: ISN Scoring Rubric Download Page 3:  Habits of Success Quiz… Continue Reading →

ISN Setup 2017-2018

The ISN will be your 7th grade math life line!  You will keep all your important information for math in this composition notebook.  In this post, I will tell you how to setup your ISN. Cover Your cover should be… Continue Reading →

Large Prime Numbers

Lehua said, “There are many prime numbers.  And I know if we keep looking for prime numbers, we can find one that is even and larger than 111.”  Jonathan replied, “That can never be possible.”  Who do you agree with?… Continue Reading →

Prime vs Composite

A prime number is (or is not) like a composite number because…

Tina found a prime number larger than 37 but smaller than 61.  What number do you think she found? Prove that it is prime.

Spaghetti Drop

Marty dropped spaghetti sauce on his math paper. What do you think is under the sauce he dropped? Why?

Scientific Notation

Scientific notation is (is not) needed because…

Erica said, “-24 is -16.”  Eric argued, “No, -24 is 16.”  Who do you agree with? Why?

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