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Graphing Functions

Carrie asked the teacher, :I have a function that takes a number and increases it by 2.  When I graph it, I get a line that goes up from left to right.  Does every function have a graph that goes… Continue Reading →

This pattern will (or will not) end because…

8, 4, 0, -4, -8… Find three different ways to describe the number pattern.  Create another pattern that could be described in at least three ways.

How do you decide when to use an estimate and when to find an exact answer?

Front-End Estimation

Front-end estimation is a useful strategy.  How do you use it with decimals or whole numbers?

What is a Factor?

I used to think a factor was…  Now I know that a factor is…

Rounding Fractions

Tanya rounded a fraction to 1/2.  What fraction(s) could she have rounded?  Why?

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Jason said, “All numbers have an even number of factors.:  “No, they don’t,” said Brad.  “Some special numbers have an odd number of factors.”  Why would Brad say that?  What was he talking about?

The Smallest Prime Number

Sasha said, “One is the smallest prime number.”  Jeri said, “No, two is the smallest prime number.”  Who do you agree with?  Justify your choice.

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