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Erica said, “-24 is -16.”  Eric argued, “No, -24 is 16.”  Who do you agree with? Why?


As exponent of 3 means…

Grand Expansion

Using Decimals

Describe a situation in which you would use decimals.  Why would decimals be use?

The Runners’ Relationships

Write a word problem that uses percents and can be solved by the number sentence 0.25 x ____ = 140.10.

Hot! Hot! Hot?

Darron’s calculator is broken.  It doesn’t always put the decimal point in the right place.  So he has difficulty deciding if an answer is correct.  He multiplied 43.7892 x 2.01605.  His calculator showed a product of 8.8281216.  Do you agree?… Continue Reading →

Sibling Probabilities

There is only one even prime number, 2.  How can you explain that?

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