Many of you have never posted a blog but you have posted on Facebook, Twitter, and a ton of other social networks.┬áThere are some differences in writing a blog post but, if you’ve used a social media, you’ll find writing a blog pretty easy!

Title and Content Boxes

  • Blog Title – Your hook so make it interesting
  • Blog URL – Do not change this
  • What You See (WYSIWYG) – Make sure the visual tab is clicked. This is your WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor.
  • Add Picture – The add media button is how you will add images to your post.
  • Blog Body – This is where you will type your post. You must write at least one paragraph.

Page Attributes

The page attributes side panel will automatically populate with the correct information. You do not need to change anything in this section.

Featured Image

In the featured image side panel, you will need to add an image for your post. Every post should have a featured image. You will add your image by clicking the Set featured image and choosing an image for your post. You can upload an image to the image gallery for the featured image.


After you have completed the blog title, blog body, added media, and set your featured image. You can publish your post. You will need to click on the “Publish” button. You’ve created your post!


You do not need to edit any of the information in this section. This is the SEO section and it is at the bottom of the post page. The SEO section will self populate with all of the information in your post.