Where You Are

It’s a new school year and YOU are an 8th grader!  You also have a new teacher, new clothes, new shoes, new pencils, and a new textbook.  Well, I have another something new for you!  You all are going to be math bloggers this year!  You will have assignments, extra credit opportunities, and projects that will use a blog!  All of you love being online so let’s put that love to good use as we prepare you for high school and the end of year tests.

Becoming a Blogger

Before you start blogging you will need to make sure you read the posts titled – How to Write a Blog Post, Blog Posting Rules, Blog Commenting Rules, and Blog Scoring Rubric – so you will  know what is expected of you.

I hope you will learn a lot about blogging as you read these posts but, knowing you, you probably already know how to blog! 😉  If you still have questions after reading the post, please send me a message to ask!  (Or you can go old style and ask me in class!)

Happy Blogging!