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Bloom’s Taxonomy – Applying

Probability with Marbles

There are 6 green marbles, 8 red marbles, 7 blue marbles, and 1 black marble in a bag. The teacher will make any student that chooses a green marble a leader…. More →

Alaskan Calendar

Aiden is using an old calendar with pictures from Alaska for his report. He is going to randomly select one of the months’ pictures. If 10 of the 12 pictures includes… More →

Red and Green Apples

Marcus put the 3 red apples and 3 green apples he just bought in the same bag and then selects an apple from the bag without looking. The probability of picking… More →

Pep Rally

Mr. Lopez has 15 girls and 8 boys in his homeroom. He randomly chooses a student to participate in the pep rally. Which statement describes the probability of the gender… More →

Well-Shuffled Playing Cards

Jillian is using a deck of well-shuffled playing cards to do a magic trick. Jillian was asked about the likelihood that she randomly picks one of two red 10s from the… More →

Track Meet

In the final race of the track meet, there were 8 girls from Levine High School, 5 girls from Turner High School, and 2 girls from Central High School. All of… More →

Comparing Basketball Player Heights

Which measure of central tendency would be best to compare the heights of the two basketball teams? A. range B. mode C. mean D. median

Comparing Vocabulary Test Scores

Mrs. Shafer played a new vocabulary review game in English class. She then gave the vocabulary test to her two English classes. The results are shown in the box-and-whisker plots… More →

Comparing the Sizes of Two Math Classes

Which measure is most appropriate to compare the two data sets below? A. Mode B. Median C. Range D. Mean

Money Spent at Two Stores

Which measure is most appropriate to compare the two sets of data below? A. mean B. range C. mode D. median

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