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Webb’s Taxonomy – DOK3 Strategic Thinking/Reasoning

Team Logo

The coach is deciding on what logo to use on the team’s baseball hats. He has 10 choices, 7 of which are bears and 3 of which are fish. Which of… More →

Friday Special

Margarite has to choose what the Friday special will be at the restaurant where she works. Her boss told her to choose one of the six soups they make. Three soups contain… More →

Carmelo is in charge of picking 2 captains in his gym class of 30 students. Which of the following scenarios makes it more likely that 1 girl and 1 boy will… More →

Family Movie Night

Torey’s family is going to the movies on Friday. The theater they are going to has 12 movie choices. His family has agreed to randomly choose a movie from 6 movies rated… More →

Sports Video Game

There are 14 video games that Brycen and Mason have to choose from.  There are 7 sports games, 3 character games, and 4 family games.  If they randomly choose the… More →

Frozen Yogurt

There are 3 choices of frozen yogurt left in the freezer, strawberry, vanilla, and blueberry.  The probability of choosing strawberry is 1/6, and the probability of choosing vanilla is 7/12…. More →

Comparing Snowfall

The amount of snowfall was recorded for five months over two years. The median is the best measure to describe the amount of snowfall. Which statement describes what would have… More →

Smiley’s T-Shirt Sale

Smiley’s T-Shirts recently had a weekend sale. The store listed the number of shirts it sold the weekend before the sale and the number of shirts it sold the weekend… More →

Top Runners

The top six runners on the track team listed their times for the last two 5K races they ran. The mean is the best measure to compare the race times… More →

Batting Averages

The top five batting averages for the first and second place baseball teams from the weekend tournament are shown in the table below. The mean of the data is the… More →

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