For credit, you must:

  • Show ALL of your work
  • It must be neat (if I can’t read it, I can’t grade it)
  • It must be titled correctly
  • It must include the title of the extra credit assignment you are completing and the possible points

Infer From Samples

1.) The table represents four brands of potato chips (W, X, Y, and Z). Three random samples of 50 subjects ...
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1.) Kyle wants to know the average cost of a gallon of gasoline in his town. He goes to the ...
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Solve Problems Geometry

1.) The diagram shows the side view of a cylinder rolling down a ramp. The cylinder has radius 5 cm ...
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Unknown Angles

1.) Find the missing angle measures in the diagram. Explain how you find each angle measure ...
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Area and Circumference

1.) Meghan has created a diagram of her city with her house, school, store, and gym identified. a.) How far ...
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Cross Sections

1.) Draw a two-dimensional representations of each three-dimensional figure as viewed from the front. 2.) Solve the following. a.) Describe ...
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Draw Shapes

a.) Explain the steps for copying triangle ABC.b.) Use the drawing tool to sketch what the ruler and compass construction ...
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Scale Drawings

1.) Mark is building a scale model of his car as shown in the diagram. The actual car has a ...
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Inequality Problems

1.) In the equation P = 2x + 7, P represents the price, in dollars, of tickets to a concert ...
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